Freeze Protection Service

Southernwind Pools is offering a Freeze Protection program through which you can learn about the equipment winterization process and/or have us perform the winterization process for you. See below for more details.

Winter Preparation Tutorial at $199

Our senior technician will go out to look at the homeowner’s system to see if it can be winterized.  Once this has been determined he will teach you the basics to winterize the equipment to help minimize freeze damage.  This tutorial is to help you to know what needs to be done in the event of a power outage like we experienced in Feb. 2021 or in the event of equipment issues when we are unable to make it out to winterize it for you.

Winterization Service at $150

Southernwind Pools recommends letting the equipment’s built-in freeze protection run the normal function of the pool unless there is an issue with the equipment. Some homeowners like to winterize the waterfall features such as scuppers, waterfalls, aqua arches and slides to help minimize freeze damage in the event of a power failure. This also helps reduce water loss (these items run continuously when the temp is below 39°), and to helps to reduce icy conditions on decks caused by the water being blown out by the wind when they are running.

To schedule our Winterization Service or our Winter Preparation Tutorial, please call us at 972.846.9069, or use the form on our CONTACT US page.


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